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Entanglement is a block-based puzzle game in which every part of the game is designed to fully explore an idea: some objects can be in two places at the same time.

There are absolutely no timing or reflex-based puzzles in the game, nor do any of the levels try to be difficult by being overly complex, tricking the player, or hiding information from the player.

This is just a small prototype/proof of concept. At the moment, 16 levels that will be put early in the game are designed and fully implemented (it took those who tested it about an hour to solve them all). Each puzzle is designed to teach the player something about how the game world functions by helping them figure it out for themselves. None of the art or visuals are nearly final, at the moment they're designed to be purely functional.

If you get stumped, I've put a link to a walkthrough and explanation of each puzzle below but I'd strongly recommend you try to solve a puzzle before viewing its explanation.
Walkthrough: https://bit.ly/2PI7aXF

Thanks for checking it out!

Install instructions

To play,  just download and extract the file and run the application.


Project Entanglement.zip 149 MB

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